YearConference Title
2009 VIII Conference of Applied Informatics
2009 International scientific conference “Chelm unknown. The dispute about the culture of the Borderlands.”
2009 XV Conference on Analytic Functions and related topics
2009 Student Conference “June 4, 1989 – On the road to freedom.”
2009 Provincial Conference on “Vocational education in the Lublin province with regard to employers and labor market expectations.”
2009 IV Conference of GIS and, GPS, and aviation technology in practice
2008 International scientific conference “Memory and place. Experience the past at the intersection.”
2008 Conference workshop “European funds. How do I get them?”
2008 Seminar “Creating a middle – school identity in terms achievement of basic objectives.”
2008 VII Conference of Applied Informatics
2008 III Conference of GIS and GPS in practice
2008 Popular science Conference on “Environmental Education in the Nature Conservation.”
2007 II Conference of GIS and GPS in practice 2007 Seminarium „Stan obecny i perspektywy rozwoju mechaniki i budowy maszyn”
2007 Seminar on “Building – the current state and prospects” 2007 Conference “Preservation and revitalization of architecture in units and landscape – an important element of socio-economic development and integration of border regions of Poland and Ukraine
2007 Conference “The needs of the region’s development in terms of information and communication technologies.”
2007 VI Conference of Applied Informatics 2007 The Conference “The role of linguistics in language teaching.”
2007 International Conference “Obsession – projections – projects, frontier forum.”
2007 XIII International Conference on Mathematics and Informatics
2007 XIV Conference of Analytic Functions
2007 Methodological Conference on “The Use of new technologies in teaching non-informatics subjects.”
2007 MTS CAD/CAM v.7 seminar in the field of operation and programming of numerically controlled machine tools
2006 Conference “Polish – Ukrainian meetings.’ literature - language- culture.”
2006 Conference “The role of Polish and Ukrainian science centre in the process of building cross-border partnership.”
2006 V Conference of Applied Informatics 2006 XII Environmental Mathematics and Informatics Conference
2006 The Conference “Development of transport infrastructure of Chelm region against the background of the region, Poland and Europe.”
2006 Conference “ The importance of satellite technology in human activity.”
2005 Seminar, “Use of satellite technology for navigation and geographic information systems.”
2005 The Conference, “Relationships of Mikolaj Rej with Chelm region. In 500 birth anniversary of the poet.”
2005 IV Conference of computer enthusiasts
2005 I Symposium on GIS and GPS in practice
2005 XI Environmental Mathematics and Informatics Conference
2004 III Conference of computer enthusiasts
2004 I Conference of the craft of interpretation. The canon of English literature
2003 II Conference of computer enthusiasts
2002 I Conference of computer enthusiasts

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