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The Institute of Agricultural Sciences

The Institute of Agricultural Sciences
8B, Wojsławicka Street
22-100 Chełm, Poland
tel./fax: +48 82 562 06 14
e-mail: rolnictwo@pwsz.chelm.pl



  • Human nutrition and leisure organization
  • Agribusiness
  • Agritourism
  • Agriculture Mechanization
  • Science of Agriculture Commodities and Products

Studies in Agriculture combine science with legal, economic and technical knowledge. They include program content associated with modern technology in agricultural production, agricultural technology, agribusiness issues, organization and the economics of agriculture, commodities and human nutrition, catering and tourist services. In the course of studies, students acquire ability to obtain funds from the EU, which in the future will enable them to open and operate their own business. They learn basics of statistics in life sciences and acquire practical skills of the use of methods and computer techniques. Graduates understand the need to take into account correlation between production and climate, the impact of agricultural production on the environment as well as quality of the obtained agricultural crops and food. This knowledge will enable graduates to plan and conduct multi-business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development enhanced with knowledge of economy, management and organization of production and marketing of agricultural products. Depending on the chosen specialty, graduates of this course are employed as managers of households, businesses, service and trade enterprises, as employees of the food industry, specialists in tourism organization, or employees of customs offices, quality control facilities and food analysis laboratories. Knowledge acquired during course of studies will enable graduates to take up employment in institutions and organizations involved in the agriculture services, environmental protection, food industry, economic trade at the customs administration, local and central government level.

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