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The Institute of Mathematics and Information Technology

The Institute of Mathematics and Information Technology
22-100 Chełm, 54A Pocztowa Street,
tel/fax +48 82 562 11 24

full time and extramural studies

three-year study program towards B.Sc.



  • Computer Science – Administration of Computer Systems
  • Mathematical Economy
  • Application of Mathematics and Computer Science in Logistics

The graduates of the Computer Science specialty obtain the necessary knowledge to creatively act in the range of analysis of the computer systems, and the analysis and exploitation of computer nets as well as software. The studies enable students to undertake employment as administrators of computer systems, programmers as well as the servicemen of computer systems (CISCO). The graduates of the Mathematical Economy are given the opportunity to start work at financial institutions, banks, government institutions or the stock exchange and others. They are highly qualified experts in economics mathematics and computer science. Graduates of specialty of Application of Mathematics and Computer Science in Logistics have a solid foundation in the theory of management and economics, computer science and mathematics, optimal control theory and game theory. This knowledge provides the basis for work wherever it is necessary to optimize the cost of transport and storage of products, preparation of information and decision-making processes, the use of computer support logistics and statistics programs, drafting of a new computer program using modern programming languages.


First cycle studies:


  • Early School with Preschool Education
  • Social Rehabilitation and Sociotherapy in Pedagogy
  • Pedagogy in Social and Educational Work

Second degree studies:


  • Engineering pedagogy
  • Pedagogic care and education with social prevention
  • Pre-school and early-school education
  • Resocialization

Pedagogy studies prepare qualified pedagogues and teachers (depending on a chosen speciality) to work in childcare, cultural animation and social assistance centers, kindergartens and educational establishments, boarding schools and dormitories. They prepare to work as an kindergarten and early childhood education teacher in public and private institutions across the country and abroad. Graduates of Social Rehabilitation and Sociotherapy in Pedagogy obtain qualifications which give opportunity to work in youth care centers, shelters for juveniles and correctional facilities. Additional benefit of this specialty are licensed qualifications to conduct classes in school common rooms, addiction treatment centers and aid groups. Furthermore, with additional ministerial training, a graduate will be prepared to work as a probation officer, in places of detention and police. Regardless of the specialty graduate is characterized by creativity, discipline, ability to create a constructive atmosphere in the workplace and openness to the need to improve professional, personal and social competence. Graduate has knowledge in the field of general pedagogy, history, philosophy, sociology and psychology, necessary to understand the socio-cultural context of the process of education. He has the skills to ensure the possibility of further education at the second degree studies and self-education.

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