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The Institute of Medical Sciences

The Institute of Medical Sciences

8’b’, Wojsławicka Street , 22 – 100 Chelm, Poland
Tel./fax +48 82 562 06 14
E mail – medycyna@pwsz.chelm.pl



Graduates of Nursing obtain bachelor of nursing and are prepared to practice as nurses, as well as to continue studies on the second degree. Graduates gain general knowledge and practical preparation being the basis for the profession as well as the skills ensuring the possibility of further education.
In particular, graduates will : have thorough knowledge in the field of nursing, general knowledge in other medical sciences, know the regulations and ethical standards relating to the profession, have the ability to use current knowledge to ensure safety and a high level of care, the ability to provide health benefits in terms of promoting, maintaining health and preventing disease, be able to perform a comprehensive and individualized patient care of disabled and dying, be able to carry out the profession according to the ethical and holistic approach to the patient while taking into account respect of patient’s rights, have the ability to organize their own work and be able to establish cooperation in health care teams, have the ability to be active in the local community, communicate effectively and empathize with the patient, have awareness of the factors affecting their own the patient’s reactions, be aware of the need for permanent education, be prepared for further education, among others, to continue the second degree studies, self-study, known a modern foreign language well enough to communicate and read basic texts in that language.
Physiotherapy (planning launch after obtaining consent from the Ministry)
three-year study program towards B.A.