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The Institute of Modern Languages

The State School of Higher Education in Chełm
The Institute of Modern Languages
Wojsławicka 8b Street, 22 – 100 Chelm
Tel./fax: +48 82 564 20 80
E mail – int@pwsz.chelm.pl
full time and extramural studies
three-year study program towards B.A.

Language Studies

  • English Language – American Studies – Culture of the USA
  • English Language – Teaching English – Universal glottodidactic preparation
  • Slavic Studies: (Russian and Ukrainian from the elementary level) with specialization: Community Border Traffic and Customs Administration

Language studies last six semesters and finish with receiving B.A. Graduates of English Language – American Studies obtain a thorough language and  cultural knowledge allowing smooth operation in many fields such as journalism, “public relations”, government and business sector, diplomacy or translations. Graduates of English Language  – Teaching English are entitled to teach English in educational facilities. In the course of studies, graduates acquire knowledge of the glottodidactic  theories, methods and techniques and the Anglo-Saxon language and culture. Furthermore, they acquire knowledge which enables to work in the field of culture, business, media, linguistic consulting or as an translator. Graduates of  Slavic Studies: (Russian and Ukrainian from the elementary level) are prepared to handle the traffic cross border and customs administrations, as well as to work in many socio-economic areas  at meeting points of  East and West. After completing B.A. studies students have a possibility to apply for ”an entry to the list of customs agent.” Studies in all fields of Modern Languages prepare to work in prestigious national and the European Union or  the United States institutions. Graduates of all specialties of Modern Languages are prepared to take a Masters Degree studies in Poland and abroad. Modern Languages are the key to success in interpersonal relations necessary in professional career performed in practically every area and in every corner of the world!

International Relations

  • Integration and European Safety
  • The International Dimension of Cross-Border Traffic
  • The International Dimension of Administration and Local Government

International Relations are for those curious and ambitious. They combine many fields of science, giving knowledge of the relationship between states, as well as international organizations and societies such as the European Union, NATO and the Euroregions. Most of the actions taken today in business, cooperation, politics, media, education and culture requires consideration of international context. The studies in the State School of Higher Education in Chelm familiarize students with the contemporary international environment, focusing in particular on knowledge and skills needed in the European labor market. The graduate of this faculty has knowledge of the socio-political, economic and cultural activities concerning Europe and the world. At the same time, each specialty provides additional skills and qualifications. The graduates of International Relations are prepared to undertake the second degree and postgraduate studies.

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