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The Institute of Technical Sciences and Aviation

The Institute of Technical Sciences and Aviation

54, Pocztowa Street, 22 – 100 Chelm, Poland
Tel./fax +48 82 562 06 25, +48 82 564 00 80
E mail – int@pwsz.chelm.pl


Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering

  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aviation Engineering:
    • Aircraft Training
    • Helicopter Training
  • Aviation Engineering
  • Diagnostics and Maintenance of Motor Vehicles
  • Mechanization of Mining Process
  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing CAD / CAM
  • Construction and operation of numerically controlled machine tools
  • Engineering of modern construction materials
  • Metrology and Measurement Systems
  • Automatic Control Engineering and Robotics

The graduates of the Department of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering are specialists in the field of modern engineering, based on a thorough knowledge of engineering, technology processes and computer-aided design and manufacturing. Moreover, they are experts ready to work at research centers, and to control and develop technological processes in the machine industry and related industries.

The engineers of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering will be prepared to design a variety of technological processes (with the use of conventional methods as well as with the latest tools), to work with the use and operation of different types of technological machines, in particular CNC machine tools and to conduct material research. Due to the large area of computing in contemporary technology, students of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering department are also trained in the field of mechatronics, robotics and control theory.

With regard to the specialties connected with aviation, the graduates are trained to work in the air industry as well as at airports. They gain extensive knowledge of airframe construction, aircraft exploitation and navigation.

Electrical Engineering

  • Automation and Electrification of Mines
  • Renewable Sources of Energy
  • Processing and Use of Electrical Energy

Graduates of the Department of Electrical Engineering are prepared to work in a modern electrical engineering industry, broadly defined automation, electronics and power engineering. They posses extensive knowledge and skills concerning modern computer techniques useful to work at research centers, project centers, and exploitation and construction, to manage human resources in developing a network of electricity consumers. The faculty includes contemporary and modern electrical engineering, based on electronics, power electronics, computer engineering, information technology, microprocessor technology, control engineering, telecommunication components and many other areas of modern technology.

Civil Engineering

  • General Civil Engineering
  • Roads and streets
  • Building Installations
  • Hydraulic engineering

Construction engineers are prepared to work in the building sector in the field of design, construction and management of building structures. During studies, students gain qualifications in the field of civil engineering, design of buildings, hydraulic engineering and roads. Further, they acquire economic and managerial knowledge in the field of management and research work. They are also prepared to introduce technical innovations and modernization and restructuring changes. Students acquire necessary knowledge in the field of building installations: designing and carrying out works of the installation specialty. Graduates are prepared to undertake tasks related to hydraulic engineering problems.
In the course of studies, students have internship in construction companies, building materials manufacturers and at design offices.

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